Friday, March 23, 2012

Bragging – A Dangerous Form of Art !

In this always-on-the-toes world you must have surely come across a person whose whole life is centered around on finding “what others are doing” or just bragging about himself. According to me this type of species is very rare to find, hard to get but not impossible to discover. During my schooling days and college life there were some individuals that were almost touching the pinnacle of stupidity, but alas they were nowhere near the title of Mr Bragger. Now off late, I had come across two-three species (hate calling them humans) that converse profusely of themselves to the extent of putting Rakhi Sawant to shame. After interacting and studying their nature I would like to list some of their traits.

  • This type of species always brags of his particular Uncle or friend living abroad and minting over there. (Dude, why don’t you also go and ease off some of their work, what are you doing

  • While doing their regular job, they always brag that some popular MNC was offering them some plush job, but they turned down the offer because the job was not up to the mark. (These days plum jobs are not that easy to get, do u really want me to believe that?)

  • When become jealous they become extremely sweet and sarcastic. If you have done something good or you are wearing something nice, they will talk sweetly in a sarcastic way (One of a kind species)

  • If by chance you appreciate their T-shit, shoes, watch, mobile or anything. Get ready for an interesting story behind it. (Their every possession has an intriguing story behind it, from its arrival to the current status)

  • They can’t stand other species in a group conversation. Supposedly if you are having a normal conversation and luckily they are two species of same kind in your group, then get ready to some flares and heated arguments. Both will try their best to outdo each other. (Just enjoy their animated antics to impress the group)

  • If they are not in a mood to work, they will try their level best to distract you from work. They will want you to hear their imaginative stories i.e. how today they roughed a group of guys single-handedly and had beaten them black n blue or how proud they are feeling of his brother’s child after he won 1st prize in a poem competition. No prizes for guessing the award winning poem was taught by Mr. Bragger himself. (You should have at least spared the kids dude)

  • If you are talking to someone on phone or in person, then this species is all game to try their level best to squeeze out every drop of information by circling around you like a joker or placing their set of ears towards you while showing their attentiveness towards their work. (Height of stupidity, ain’t you got a life man)

  • Even when they are not speaking they will do strange actions to get noticed i.e. by murmuring to themselves or fiddling with their cell phone. (Ha ha ..Just speak up, we know it’s difficult for you to keep that mouth shut)

While some would think these species as a source of entertainment but boy I want my share of peace. Look around you might find this species lurking around you, it’s up to you to keep them in your own backyard or set them right. Decide fast or it will be too late!!


Gaurav Singh said...

Nicely written...
I didn't realize that I'd few of these traits.
'll certainly like to keep things only to myself in future....

Akum said...

Wow! This is something. You have really let it out! Its always better to let it out than bury it deep.