Wednesday, April 29, 2009

EPL- Election Premier League

As India is in process of selecting next government with the next general elections 2009, on the other hand Indian Premier League (IPL) is creating a storm in South Africa. A mad cricket crazy nation like India failed miserably by the hands of its own government to host this cash enriched league. Lame excuses were given by government to excuse themselves which are as follows:

· Inadequate security personnel
· Voter turnout will be low because of matches
· Fear of another terrorist attack

By stating these excuses, it seems government has surrendered itself in front of terrorists. With shifting of IPL out of India can be clearly seen as victory for the terrorists. But terrorists yet again failed to realize that it is not easy to generate the seeds of terror among 100 crore people. It’s been long 62 years since India got independent, but still we are fighting with the terrorism in our motherland. Now we want strong government which has capability of helping us to get rid of this global menace called TERRORISM. It’s a sincere request from my side to all Indians to go out and vote. Let’s hope this time we get that government which may perhaps heal our wounds and has excellent analytical mind for taking sensible decisions.