Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Tibet Movement @ New Delhi !

These are the pictures of Tibetans massive protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 17 June, 2008.

The five main demands of the Tibetans were:

1) Negotiate immediately with Dalai Lama on the Tibet issue without any pre-conditions.

2) Grant of freedom of religion and human rights inside Tibet.

3) Release of all Tibetan political prisoners from the prisons.

4) Release of 11th panchen lama gedun choskyi nyima including jadrel rinpoche who are not found guilty by any law of the land.

5) Make all the facilities to the UN , amnesty international, red cross and doctors sans frontiers or others independent fact finding delegations to assess the recent unrest's real situation in Tibet and allow free press to cover the ground reality.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are We Alone In The Universe ?

Whenever we come across the news of UFO (unidentified flying objects) sightings, one question that come across in the minds of space researchers and human beings would be- Are we alone in the universe? Has there been existence of any species other than the human race? Heated debates, numerous arguments that’s what have been done till now and we are still at the square one. The space researchers still haven’t able to produce any concrete evidence of supreme species others than the human beings.

I wonder do these space researchers really want to know about them or they are just fooling themselves with facts and figures. It would be very stupid to think that these researchers aren’t aware of this thought, that if those species are found to be more advanced than us, they can do anything. But it’s just a thought, and I am hoping that this thought never comes into reality. Otherwise it could pose a strong threat for the human race.